There are many ways you can donate to The Salvation Army. Dropping money in the red kettle at Christmas is just one of them. Here are some other ways to donate.

Donate Online

Monetary donations made online are directed to the unit within the zip code where the donation is made. If it is specified that the donation should go to something specific, the donation will go to the designation. The breakdown of how the donations are used throughout your community can be obtained by contacting us at our Kankakee offices. Click on the graphic below, or anywhere you see a donate button on our website to be directed to our secure Salvation Army server.

Thank you for your support!

Online Red Kettles

If you keep in touch with friends, family and colleagues online, the Online Red Kettle may be just the way to do that while helping The Salvation Army in Kankakee each Christmas.

From November through January, you can set up a personalized online red kettle to help raise funds to support us! Check back at to get set up this fall!

Write A Check

When you receive direct mail pieces from us throughout the year, you can still write a check and return it to us in the mail. Or, you can drop a check by our office at 148 N. Harrison in Kankakee!